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Tom Bell

The reason I came to Jessica in the first place was that I identified that she has the analytic skills I needed but could also synthesize the creative and artistic with how she presented that analysis. For me, metaphors matter. Images matter. Non-linear exploration matters.

She has no preconceived notions.

The process is a true conversation full of our own original thinking, and the answers emerge, they are not imposed through a scalable, impersonal process (like a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire or consultancy "model").

I knew I had greater value to give, but I was unsure of how to articulate it—both in writing and in praxis.

I had been doing the same work for a while (successfully!), but more of the same didn’t feel like it would get me where I wanted to go.

A bucket full of ideas (randomized)—I felt like an idea-generating machine! But that's not the same thing as clear vision + a coherent plan.

Jessica provided critical conversation—both in terms of importance and analysis. She asked questions that were fresh, new, and vital. Not only that, but she brought unexpected answers to the table. She didn't simply digest my opinions + regurgitate my ideas, but she invested important thinking with clear recommendations that differed from where I would have landed in my own head.

Now, I have a clear understanding of how I can reorganize my work around the foundation of the greater value I can offer my world.