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express your values in your praxis

So what glitters, turns to gold.

The Frame Brain helps colorful solopreneurs give shape and strength to the elusive elements of their business praxis so what glitters turns to gold.

Connecting the dots can make a seamless process out of disparate parts. Constructing your space can help you break apart assumptions and unlock potential. Choosing your adventure empowers you analyze your context and make formative decisions. Coloring your world brings your personal and professional values to bear on the multitude of options available at any business owner’s fingertips today.

  • Connect Your Dots
  • Construct Your Space
  • Choose Your Adventure
  • Color Your World

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Hosted by Jessica Matthews, How I Create Me is a podcast for creatives thriving in the commercial world. We explore divergent productivity + celebrate remarkable humans.

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From My Clients

I’m SO proud of what we’ve done together! Jessica, you’ve helped me unclutter my brain and truly are more of a business operations therapist 😉

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From My Clients

I love the fact that I can pass things over to Jessica, and she can solve problems better than I can.

As an entrepreneur serving international clients and managing creative teams across continents and oceans, I can’t tell you how valuable that is!!

Thank you for being you, Jessica.

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From My Clients

As someone who took the plunge into working for herself at this moment (finally!) I’m so thankful to have Jessica in my corner! As a creative, I was filled with so much self-doubt about handling business processes.

Working with Jessica has given me such confidence!

I used to freeze up at proposal or invoice time, but Jessica really instilled a sense of surety in me by breaking down processes tailored to how I work and what I want to do.

As a former 9-5 worker, this all felt so alien and out of reach, but Jessica is the most heartwarming and focused thought partner.

I personally feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. I feel more confident to approach prospects with my business, and I can stand by my work product.

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From My Clients

I felt like a bucket full of ideas (randomized)—But that’s not the same thing as clear vision + a coherent plan. I knew I had greater value to give my own clients, but I was unsure of how to articulate it.

Jessica synthesized the creative and artistic with how she presented her analysis. For me, metaphors matter. Images matter. Non-linear exploration matters.

The process is a true conversation full of our own original thinking, and the answers emerge.

Jessica’s clear recommendations differed from where I would have landed in my own head.

Now, I have a clear understanding of how I can reorganize my work around the foundation of the greater value I can offer my world.

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Play to Get Paid

It's a riff on an old school "fortune teller" or "cootie catcher," an origami game of questions + answers with fate. The Frame Brain's iteration, a Clover Catcher, is a meditative decision-making tool designed to ground the user in their business values while choosing a path for their business praxis. Clover means prosperity, abundance, success--you get the drift. Ideal for Quarterly / New Year planning.

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I offer 12 distinct products that scaffold together, from DIY to fully proprietary, to produce the shape and strength you need to support your business praxis

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