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Georgette Eva

Jessica is the most heartwarming and focused thought partner. As someone who took the plunge into working for herself at this moment (finally!) I’m so thankful to have Jessica in my corner, cheering me on and helping me make sense of my ideas and hopes.

As a creative, I knew that some of the structure and administrative side of building my business would be the weaker end of the stick. It hindered some of my own progress as a newbie starting out and I was filled with so much self-doubt. Yes, there were moments where I was nodding along to questions from some kind, interested friends and early prospects while internally panicking.

Happily, working with Jessica has given me such confidence when I take those calls or organize my week. I feel wonderful about the work we’ve done from how I price my work and time, to the products I offer, to sending invoices. I actually would freeze up at proposal or invoice time, and Jessica really instilled a sense of suredness in me by breaking down processes tailored to how I work and what I want to do. As a former 9-5 worker, this all felt so alien and out of reach, and it was comforting to be able to bring these issues to someone with so much experience, like Jessica.

It feels like a huge hurdle for a creative entrepreneur. And I personally feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders. My strengths always lie in the creative aspect, but now I feel more confident to approach brands with my business and can stand by my work because I did the homework.